Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is a picture of my oldest brother Adrian and a picture of Carter.

The boys!

Aren't these boys just so cute? Carter just might pass Barrett by...soon.


Barrett has discovered snow...however, he calls it snowman for some reason. Oh well, it's cute right? Anyways, we built his first snowman (real snowman...not just snow) on Christmas day. Then, my dad made him a little snowhill outside our front door and my brother bought him a sled. Barrett had a blast! He would push himself down the hill and crash, get up and say "again!" That's my boy...

Santa came!!!

Christmas was so much fun this year, mostly because Barrett actually understood what Christmas was and who Santa was. My parents were able to spend the day with us, but I'm not really sure Barrett remembered they were here after he saw the "LOAD" Santa brought him. He was the receipient of many great gifts...spoiled rotten to be quite honest. Barrett was hilarious...on Christmas morning he ran out to the living room...saw he toys and turned and ran back to his room to hide. I think he was a little overwhelmed by all of the fun!
Dave gave me a FHI which I have wanted for a while, as well as some shoes and clothes:) He wanted a 9 mm gun, which I didn't really want to get....but I cracked! Needless to say, he was very happy about his gift.
Besides the gift giving, I thought of Christ most of the day. I am so thankful for Him and what He has done for me and my family. He is the reason to believe and the reason to celebrate.

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Dave's sisters house this year. We opened gifts from the Ethington fam's and enjoyed some stories as well. I played the nativity movie that the church produced along with "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant. For those of you who haven't watched that little's pretty good! Thanks to my bro Adrian for teaching me that. Anyways, Barrett got an authentic BYU basketball jersey and shorts as well as a kitten book and Carter was spoiled as well. The food was great and the fun was memorable! All of us girls got super cute apron...which we had to show off! We also got a quick little hello from Santa as he was walking around the neighborhood....too bad Dave had to miss it:)

Thanksgiving was great this year! We spent the weekend in Idaho at my parents house. Dave fried the turkey and it was delicious! We played some really fun games. Jeremy is quite the humdinger! (Reference to cranium...for you that haven't played). Sometimes you need to reset and realize just how very thankful you are for your family, and I am VERY thankful for mine:)