Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hello Mr. Frankenstein and Mr. Ghost

Halloween was super fun this year. Barrett had a blast! He was Frankenstein and little Carter was a ghost. Barrett is still asking for his candy and his bucket!

Just thought I would share some new pics of the boys. Aren't they just the cutest? Special thanks to Heidi for her photographer skills!

Back in the grind....

So, last month I went back to work....yeah I baby was only 6 weeks old. It was awful leaving both of my babies! My job however is pretty awesome. I am working for an insurance company (Aetna) and I can work at home in a year...(that was the clencher. ) I am soooo lucky that I have my sis-in-law Heidi and my neighbor friend Michele. They have been watching my sweet little ones and have done a fabulous job! While working and being away from them totally sucks, it has definetly lifted some financial burden off Dave's big shoulders and has given me a bunch of new friends!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hairdo's, but mostly hair-don'ts

So, Dave got bored the other night and decided he was going to test out some hairstyles on Carter....poor kid. Anyways, it turned out really you can see he photographed each style.

Our little family after the big luncheon following Carter's special blessing day!

Blessing Day!

So, this past Sunday the 12th, we blessed our little (but growing quickly) Carter. We had soooo many family members supporters. We feel very grateful for their attendance and love. Dave did an amazing job with the blessing as he did with Barrett's blessing. It was emotional and inspiring. However, I couldn't help but scary is the world we are living in? Will my children be protected from all the craziness and evil? What if I fail at being a mother? My boys (Dave included) are my most precious possessions and how can I shield them from hurt? I suppose the Lord makes most of those decisions, but I hope and pray that I can raise my children in the right direction.

Carter was beautiful in his little white outfit and Barrett was especially handsome in his new suit. It was a day I'll never forget:)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Barrett and Carter

Barrett and baby Carter

First Carter Cuddle

The first time we held Carter.

He's here!

He's here! Carter Daryl arrived on September 9th. Thankfully, I was 37 weeks and he was considered full we didn't have to experience another NICU adventure. Yeah! He was 7 lbs. and 5 oz. and 20 inches long. He is beautiful with dark, long brown hair. Barrett likes him too! Our families and friends have been so amazing throughout my whole was a rough one. But, Carter arrived healthy and happy...and that we are very thankful for.